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The Sleek Blue Shark

Josh Cochrane, our UW cam guy, has caught some incredible images this year. Join him and a mate as they encountered a group of blue sharks.

The sleek blue shark is probably one of the most laid back sharks you could find, never really moving at pace, just cruising along with the oceans currents looking for a feed. They are most commonly found out in open water where its main food of squid and cuttlefish is easily found. Blue sharks are still partial to small fish and love coming for a look up the berley trail.

They are very easy to identify with there incredible blue top side, long pointed snout and massive pectoral fins at the front. As mentioned, you don't often see them moving at speed but they can go up to 30mph if required.

The females are the big sharks, almost three times the size when fully grown, and their skin is three times as thick as well, as biting is a big part of the mating ritual. Depending on the size of the female she can give birth to up to 100 babies, now that's a good effort. 

So, if you do see these cool sharks cruising around in the berley trail, have fun with them as they are very curious but as a sport fish not the best to catch. It’s still nice to see numbers of them swimming around our oceans as they are the cleaners, removing the dead and dying, keeping everything in check.

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