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The Rights and Wrongs of Fishing

Milan has spent hours on finding the best way to live-bait for kingfish. Read about his styles and techniques used over the last 5 years.

Over the last 5 years my fishing style has changed greatly, not just because of the amazing gear that is available in fishing products, but the people I have been fishing along side.

Nikolaj (FlyGuy) and Nathan are two fishermen with totally different ideas to fishing than me and when we sit down and discuss options and systems for catching fish, the answers we come up with are sometimes pretty different to the way I would have done things in the past.

Topic : Live-baiting for Kingfish
This topic alone has consumed more time than I would ever want to think about, but the way we fish for them now with braid, FG knot, fluorocarbon trace, circle hook and a long bridle is such an effective way of hooking kings on sand or deep water I wouldn't fish any other way.

During the Christmas holiday I thought it would be great to go back and try to catch fish the old fashion way up in the shallows of the harbour, 15 kilo mono, swivel, fluorocarbon trace and a J hook.

I set out the first day, pumped the berley and set about catching live-baits and rigging them under balloons out the back. Then the kings turned up and over the next hour I lost 4 good fish.

Now you would think after that, you would just go back to what had been working over the past few years, but no. I was on a mission to catch kingfish the old way, so over the next few days I went nine-nil to the kingfish before I gave it up and went back to the true and tested circle hook rig and landed some beautiful fish around the 25 kilo mark.


Point of the story is there is no right or wrong way to fish. Each of us learn to fish different ways and it's those ways that we learn, which makes us successful at fishing. I use to hook almost every fish the old way, but I was tuned to all the factors that brought results every time I got stuck.
Even today I still fish with balloons in the Coromandel but with braid, due to the nature of the structure that you fish (shallow water foul). Fish the way that makes you most comfortable, and if you have a system that works then don't change. Take ideas from people around you that could make the way you fish better with the gear you fish, as the best part about fishing is there is no right or wrong way to fish.


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