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The Release Clip

A simple but crucial tool when rigging up to live bait for kingfish: the release clip. 

We get a lot of enquires about how to set up to live bait for kingfish, land based and out of the boat with spinning gear. With spin reels you don’t have a free spool function and kingfish need the opportunity to eat your live bait, with no resistance while they are in the act. If the kingfish feel any pull when inhaling the bait, they'll instantly spit the bait straight back at you.

The release clip provide a very simple solution to add a free spool function on spin reels.
First, set your drag to where you think you want to start fishing once hooked up. Then, open the bail arm, and from here you need to hold the line so the live bait can stay in the desired location that you have selected.

By using a release clip you have the ability to hold the line and when a fish comes along and consumes your live bait. The bait has free rein to swim away and feel no resistance, then all you have to do is flip the bait arm and hopefully wait for the slack line to come up tight and strike your fish.

Once the fish strikes hard, the line pops out of the release clips -and the fight is on!

You can get your release clips from the Top Catch website here.

The release clips are great but to ensure a long life for your release clip, go to your local hardware store and purchase two small stainless nuts with bolts to replace the plastic pins.

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#1 Top Catch GI 2014-10-08 09:01
The live bait release clip is also available in-store at you local Top Catch Store, cheers Craig, Top Catch Glen Innes

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