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Summer Fishing

The summer sun is warming up the chilly waters around New Zealand's coastline, bringing them alive with fish. The happy season is here!

The Hauraki Gulf is just alive with big works ups, and the whales, dolphins and gannets are making their locations easy to find. It’s a show not to be missed.

The East Coast off shore reefs from Mayor Island to the Mercury group hold large amounts of kingfish that come in to feed on the schooling bait. The surface fishing out on these reefs is some of the best in the world: watching kingfish in excess of thirty kilos closing in to engulf your stick baits, and not just one but packs of up to twenty fish all fighting over who can be first.

With the deep water firing, it’s also is a good indication that the shallow waters in the harbours will be on fire for big predatory fish.
The harbours around New Zealand seem quite temperamental. We have been doing a lot of fishing in the harbours for big sharks and kingfish and up until a week ago, the fishing was just dead. Things suddently changed over a couple of days, and the harbours turned into to a fishing haven.
Massive sharks and big packs of kingfish have now found their way into the harbours for the summer to feed hard. With the warm water, the bait followed and these fish will set up home for the coming season. They will be hanging out in the shallow water producing some of the best fishing New Zealand has to offer, and not just small kings but fish of over thirty kilos.
With the kings come the sharks, and they are a prize fish for us. There is nothing better than hooking 200 kilos of bronze whaler in only meters of water and watching it barrel roll up the harbour with your reel evaporating line!
As much as these fish are great to catch, they play a vital role in keeping our oceans clean and healthy. If you are going to target them, you need to make sure that you let them go with minimum harm.
Nathan has been spending a huge amount of time perfecting a rig to make sure you can hook these amazing fish in the mouth every time so you can release them easily once on the beach. Read more about Nathan's rig here.

Milan Radonich

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