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Stickbait Combo

Never leave the ramp without a few pre-rigged combos in the rocket launcher, most importantly the stickbait set up.

A lot of the time catching big angry fish is as simple as being in the right place at the right time. I've often found myself in that very place with nothing prepared! -which is why I now never leave the ramp without a select few combos (pre-rigged at home) in the rocket launcher.

The most important is of course the stickbait set up, in case of a chance kingfish encounter.
The 18,000 Stella is our pick with its slightly faster retrieve. It eats a 300m spool of PE8 Varivas perfectly. Paired up with a Shimano Ocea Plugger PE8 rod, and you're ready to cast at any suspicious looking splash or flash of colour.



Shimano 18000 Stella, spooled with Varivas PE8 braid.
FG knot joins braid to 140lb Varivas mono shock leader and improved clinch knot joins mono leader to stick bait.
Rod: Shimano OCEA Plugger BG, S86ML, 8'6" PE8

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