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Softbait Discussions

Nathan and Milan have each their take of soft baiting. From technique of choice to sitting on the fence...

Nathan & Softbaiting
In the summer months my fishing focus is on the mighty kingfish, but as summer turns to winter they get a lot harder to catch. Focus then shifts to NZ's most loved fish, snapper. A solid berley trail and big fresh baits are a lot of fun! But if I had it my way, soft baiting is the technique of choice!

The constant focus on every little detail is where my extra enjoyment comes from. Taking every element of the days conditions to get that perfect drift over chosen structure, fishing the lightest gear possible so all rigging has to be perfect and that's a challenge in its self! Constantly working the bait to entice a bite, then there's the ease of moving spots and cleaning the boat, is a simple hosing :)

Milan & Softbaiting
It's not something that I have been used too, but Nathan just cant get enough of it and hes starting to get me hooked into it. I cant say I have done a lot of soft baiting but what I have done has been action packed with solid fish. Its been interesting trying different types of baits that I have read and seen for a number of years and I can see now why Gulp still seem to have the market tied up. Soft baiting, well, I'm still sitting on the fence but if it continues to produce quality fish very easily I can see myself doing it more often.

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