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Red Plate Pilchards

The Red Plate Pilchards last a lot longer on the hook and the fish love to eat them. 

Top Catch have started selling a pilchard called  "Red Plate Pilchard” which is different from most other pilchards. The Red Plate Pilchards are much firmer which makes them last a lot longer on the hook compared to standard pilchards; they feel better when rigging up, and the fish love to eat them.

If you’re fishing a location like the Hauraki Gulf with a plentiful supply of juvenile snapper, it helps hugely being able to keep the pilchard on the hook longer. With the big fish in the Gulf lately, we have been straylining the Red Plate Pilchards in deeper water and catching some stunning fish with Nathan pulling off a trophy on one last week, check out the start of the Australian hump on this fish’s nose.

Nathan has invented a new way of rigging these pilchard, and it seems to work a treat on hooking up to the big ones!

Read about Nathan’s Alive Rig using the Red Plate Pilchards

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