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Mazda BT50 - 50,000kms later

We spent a lot of time working out our requirements for the new ute. 50,000kms down the track, it seems we did well!

We have done 50,000kms in our Mazda BT50 utes over the last 6 months. Pretty much most of that has been while towing boats, one weighing over 3 tonnes.

With lots of trips going up North, we tow for long hours and still find the truck comfortable even though we asked John Andrew Mazda to removed as many of the creature comforts as possible being messy fishermen.
The Ute has the power when required to tow over the ranges and with the selection of mags and tyres, we have very little road noise and great traction in the wet and dry when towing heavy loads, or just cruising with no load on the rear. 

The 4x4 system in the BT50 is very easy to operate and with Nathan getting back into hunting, we have had the utes on some pretty interesting farm tracks with no issues. The utes have pretty much gone anywhere we have asked it. We have also been doing beach launching with the big boat and little boat up North with one hick up where we ended up bogged, but that was more my issue more than the trucks fault. 

After Market Service

That's where i think Mazda has really got things covered. We live in Morrinsville so our servicing is done in Cambridge. The guys there are great to deal with which makes things easy, and you can drop it in and pick it up over the hour. Every time it's just been hassle free and we have never had to wait.
Blake in the tyre and mag department in Auckland at John Andrew Mazda is also a huge asset to the team. He works with a lot of different companies making sure you get the product you require on the vehicles. Staff make your business, and Blake is just incredible to deal and asked the right questions about what we would be doing and our requirements. He also copper greased the mags as he knew we would be in a saltwater environment, and also organizing for the utes to be under sprayed to keep that saltwater at bay. 

What I think I like the most about dealing with John Andrew Mazda is the process has been simple and easy, and the team up in Auckland have made it hassle free with out eating up huge amounts of time. Time is something we are all short off and John Andrew Mazda have a very slick operation making sure they get you sorted and on the move.

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