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Livebait Combo

When Nathan is swimming big live baits then it's on his strongest gear. 

Livebaiting in my mind is the best way to target a big angry king fish.

A big live bait eliminates strikes from smaller fish due to them not being able to fit the bait in their mouth. Having smaller fish around showing interest in a live bait can also create a little urgency/competition in the water, and can often make the bigger fish more aggressive, this in turn provoking a strike.

If we are swimming big live baits then it's on our strongest gear. Shimano's Stella 20000 spooled with Varivas PE10 braid, FG knot to 140lb mono shock leader and an improved clinch knot completes the rig to a BKK, J or Circle hook.



Shimano Stella 20000 reel
PE10 Avani GT braid
140lb mono shock leader
BKK 10/0 deep jigging hook
Shimano OCEA PE10 7'9" S79MH rod

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