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Kayak - the new weapon

Kayak fishing has always sounded like hard work to me, not really believing that you could get a good day's fishing out of it. Has that changed!

There have been a number of times where I've been stuck at home and not fishing due to not being able to find crew at short notice, and heading out by myself in the boat is just a bit, well, too hard basket really. So when offered a kayak to have a play in, it just made sense!

The way I see kayaks and people that fish from kayaks has completely changed!! I use to think, man, that would be hard work, probably haven't got access to a boat and and you're just so limited. Now I describing kayak fishing by saying things like: it's just so easy! You can fish areas in the shallows that you can't fish effectively in a boat. It is so much fun and you get some great exercise at the same time. It's yet another tool that I have in my fishing arsenal.


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