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How To Use a Drift Chute

Without our big drift chute, we wouldn't have caught half the fish. Learn how to use the drift chute for some super efficient fishing.

Fishing at anchor when the wind is against the tide is so so painful! Which is the main reason why I started softbaiting. 

Softbait fishing is best done while drifting and it doesn’t matter if the wind is against the tide. In fact, it helps by slowing the drifts down. The slower drifts means that you can use lighter jig heads, and with the lighter jig heads come more strikes and bigger fish.

After sitting at home and thinking about it all, getting a drift chute and slowing the drifts down even more made perfect sense. I was fishing out of a 4.4m boat so I got a drift chute designed for a 4.4m boat, but, it didn’t seem to do anything? and looking at its cone shape did not make any sense to me either.
There was no real surface area to create drag and the hole at the front was only 3 or 4 times the size of the one in the back. Water was just going through it, it wasn’t providing much drag at all.

After this, I started looking into drift chute designs, and when I came across a parachute shaped drift chute as opposed to a cone shaped, it was plainly obvious that it was going to provide way more drag as this design had far more surface area.
The hole in the middle of the parachute was tiny compared to the hole in the front, water was still going to go through it (it's supposed to) but the parachute shape meant there was impossible amounts of water going in for the tiny hole at the back to keep up with, which gives drag.

Again I buy a drift chute (parachute shaped this time) designed for a 4.4m boat. This one worked! but still not what I wanted. I wanted the boat to only move with the current, the less the wind affected the drift the better. So, I got a bigger one and when that one didn’t give the desired effect, a bigger one again.
When I finally got a drift chute that I was happy with for my 4.4m boat, it was said to be designed for a 10m boat! and that was the biggest one they made!

Soft bait fishing was now the most productive way I knew to go out and catch snapper, and for a long time that was the only style of fishing I did. I was getting better all the time and learning lots of little tricks. I think its the learning part that makes Fishing/anything so much more fun to do. A lot of the fish I caught I would not have caught without the aid of the big parachute shaped drift chute.

drift 2

I was able to drift down a coastline that had current running along the face of it with an onshore wind. Without the drift shute, the wind would keep pushing me in towards the rocks. 

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#5 Kerry Andrew 2018-04-26 20:17
Hi Nathan

What drift do you like the best.
#4 Big Angry Fish 2017-08-01 11:49
Hi Matt. Thanks for bringing our attention to the missing link! Yeah, we've closed our shop for a while, but please have a look at the bottom of the text again, as we've added a link to the guy who makes them. Cheers!
#3 Matt 2017-07-31 18:31
Hi guys, great show and great post. Your shop link isn't working. What brand of chute are you using and where do I get one? I have a 5.5m fibreglass run about, so would appreciate your recommendation on size (or is it simply as big as I can afford?). Cheers. Matt
#2 Big Angry Fish 2017-01-31 18:54
Hi Mark
Great you got something out of the post!
Ok, the kind of drift chute you refer to provide very little drag and therefore will not affect your drift very much at all, making them (in my opinion) a waste of time and money. Sorry to be so blunt! Cheers, Nathan
#1 Mark 2017-01-30 17:39
Hey Guys,
Awesome post. I am very new to fishing out of the boat over here in Sydney and have just bought a 4.8m runabout. I want to buy a chute big enough to slow the boat down but also don't want to put something on that could make the boat unsafe. This one claims to be ok for boats up to 7m. Considering your comments about shape and size, do you think that this would be a safe product to start experimenting with? www.bcf.com.au/Product/Blueline-Sea-Anchor-Large/366487

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