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Hooked on Kayak Fishing and a 25kg Kingfish

My heart started pounding, my hands started to shake, and my voice went into a higher register. "Milan, I'm hit, I'm hit, I'm hit!”.

Catching a solid king fish from the Viking Kayak's Reload kayaks has been a really enjoyable challenge! It's made me realise even more so what an ideal shallow water weapon a kayak is. The first solid king I hooked pretty much owned me.
I spent 30 minutes being helplessly towed around behind the fish only to then have the kingfish get intertwined in weeds, in plain sight only a meter under the yak.
I made a few desperate grabs at its tail while it was in its entangled state but just couldn't quite get a hand to it. There was even a time where I was trying to figure out how to best get out of the kayak and grab the fish, but in fear of drowning all my gear and myself, I chickened out.
The hook eventually straitened with all the headshakes it had endured. The sight of that fish shaking itself free from the weed and rolling up right and then making an unbelievably slow get-away won't be soon forgotten!
It was as much a joy as it was a failure and left me even more determined to get one onboard.

After explaining to Milan my encounter and the story of being destroyed by a big king, a plan was hatched to head back to that same piece of coastline and repeat the process. 
Live baits were once again rigged and waiting. Just when I was about to give up and set the live bait free to change tactics and find some snapper for tea, a shape appeared on the sounder under the yak that was far to big to be anything other than a mighty kingfish.

It wasn't long before my live bait gave me a similar indication of a big kingfish’s presence by rising to the surface only meters off the bow. There was an amazing sucking/slurping sound only seconds later as the bait disappeared with only a slight splash. It's at this very point I realise why I love fishing so much. It's the buzz I get!!!!!! My heart starts pounding, my hands start to shake, and my voice goes into a higher register. "Milan, I'm hit, I'm hit, I'm hit!"

The little reel was then put into gear and the most insane fight unfolded! Talk about being railed. The kingfish found a rock on the bottom not far from where I hooked the fish. Thankfully the rock was cover in weed, or the kingfish would have rubbed me off for sure. It dove into that weed-covered rock over and over again. Each time my heart would sink as I waited to feel the weight lift from my rod. Then my heart would rise again as the line pulled free. This happened five or six times.
Eventually the kingfish tired and the challenge of getting a fish around the 25kg mark on board the yak for a photo was now very apparent and even more reason to be nervous.

After grabbing it's tail I made sure to get Milan to take a photo in case a mistake was made in the final landing of it. But, I got my photo and remove the hook to once again see that truly beautiful sight of a big kingfish making it's way back to its ocean life.

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