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Glenn's New PB

Glenn from Brave Designs had a dream to catch a BIG kingfish. With a PB of 18kg, we decided to give it a try to find him something bigger.

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Glenn from Brave Designs had a dream to catch a Monster king. With his personal best only being 18kg and with years of trying to beat it under his belt, we decided to take it on our shoulders and see if we could make the dream come true.

If the dream is to catch Big fish, you have to spend time on the water, so every time we rung Glenn and said its time to leave, he was there packed and ready to go. Next, it's the gear: good gear catches fish, so we rigged some solid gear, 130 pound Varivas Braid and 140 pound Varivas shock leader. Nathan tested all the knots thoroughly, as good knots completes the gear we use to stop big kings.

Once on the water, we bridle-rigged a big kahawai live bait with a long bridle 400mm from the hook. Deploy! And now you just spend days on end slow-trolling or just drifting this massive bait over places where you think big kings might hang out.

During the winter time, the Bay of Plenty doesn't hold lots of kings but it does have a few very big ones, so if you put the time in you will catch them.

Glenn had his opportunity last week when Nikolaj caught a trophy kahawai, and with that fish in the live bait tank, we instantly made our way to the fishing grounds.

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The 3kg kahawai was deployed and 40 minutes later it was consumed, and Glenn slowly wound up tight on some serious weight.

To watch an angler fight a monster king on full lock is incredible, and then watch their face as 40 kilo's of kingfish pop to the surface is just unbelievable. Words don't describe times like these.

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Glenn released his fish un-weighted, a true gentlemen that went into battle with a fish, won, and let that fish go to fight another day. What a donkey of a fish, and one I think we all dream of catching.



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