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FlyGuy's Tarpon Expedition

My fellow angler looked in the water: Look, a dolphin! Our guide corrected him and told us that it was a 200lbs tarpon!

Once the post production of Big Angry Fish is done, it's time to go on our personal fishing trips. Milan sneaks of to some slime-stinking freshwater infected mudhole to chase down crazy looking monsters. Nathan heads of with mates hunting down kingies and big snapper here in NZ.
With my passion for saltwater fly fishing, I usually seek tropical adventures with my fly rods. I have done Yucatan Peninsula for bonefish and permit which was amazing. I was there in January outside the main tarpon season, but we did manage to see one tarpon. My fellow angler in the boat looked in the water and said: Look, a dolphin! Our guide corrected him and told us that it was a 200lbs tarpon migrating! I'll never forget the sight of that fish. It looks 100% identical to a pilchard, just 2 meters long.

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