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Drift Fishing

Drift fishing a harbour entrance during the incoming and outgoing tides usually takes a couple of times to sort out.

Usually the fish are found in different locations during the year as harbour mouths change a lot due to the sand moving around with the current. We use the chart plotter and after each full drift we move across more and more until we finally find the spot where the fish are holding. Mark the spot and take notes on what the tide is, i.e half out going etc.

The kingfish on the photo was caught while we were drifting livebaits a week after filming episode 3 at Waihi at Bowentown entrance. This is the reason you need 50 pound braid so you have some stopping power.

The fish move around the bar and entrance over the course of the tide, so knowing where they will be holding and at what part of the tide, is the trick to consistanly hook into kings.

The hardest part of fishing i.e. Waihi is being able to catch the bait when required. The kahawias are usually very easy to catch during the morning. Come 8-9 o'clock and someone hits the switch and they are gone of the flats and very hard to come by.
Spinning the fast moving water over the shallow sand flats just in side the harbour with Grim Reapers seems to work the best.


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