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Bonze, Big Angry Fish and Kaizen Lures

Bonze once asked if we would help develop a lure for catching kingfish. He knew we’d say yes, and short after the first prototype showed up.

Bonze is know across the globe for making incredible marlin lures that swim beautifully in all conditions and deliver results.

A few years ago we got the phone call asking if we were keen to help develop a top water lure for catching kingfish. Bonze knew we would say yes, and not long after the first of the prototype lures started to turn up with the courier. Were we surprised to see a resin stickbait? yes and no! We had long been wanting a stickbait much stronger than the traditional wooden lures, but they were hard to come by.

The resin lures looked incredibly nice, much closer to a real fish than any other lure we had seen. The message from Bonze was clear though: I won't market it until you are 100% satisfied with it.

We swam the lures and send feedback back to Bonze. Too much weight in the nose, the lure turns over too much when we pull it hard; need more floation in the central body; can we fatten up the tail a bit...
We pretty much left Bonze with one headache after the other, but Bonze is not a quitter and the prototypes kept on coming.

Now 2 years in the work and tonnes of prototypes later, we are so proud of having being heavily involved in designed the best and strongest stickbait to ever hit the market. We will never forget the day we ventured out to the Mercs to film the Kaizen lure the first time.
Plan was for Milan to give a little talk to camera about the making of the lure, while Nathan was fishing in the background. First cast with the lure and a 27kg kingie smashed it instantly!

On our next mission out filming stickbaiting, Nathan again nailed the big one on a Kaizen. It was incredible for us all to watch a school of 20-30 kingies come up on the lure and watching one of the biggest one eat the lure like a big brown trout sipping a cicada of the surface.

These lures can be worked by anyone from absolute beginners to the super advanced topwater fisherman. And very importantly, the lures last until a trophy fish runs away with it! You just can't break them.

To get hold of your Kaizen top water lure, go to Top Catch online store

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