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Black Marlin by Accident

Daniel was targeting kingfish as something big gulped his live kahawai. His 24kg stand up tackle suitable for a kingfish would soon be put to its hardest test ever!

Daniel and his mate soon realised that in a small skiing boat, low on fuel, chances were slim to land whatever it was.

We were out on the water saltwater fly fishing for trevally. The flies hardly got in the water before we spotted a very distressed signalling from a little boat with two guys and a very bent rod!

A quick decision was made, and Daniel jumped on board our filming boat, and off we went.
At the first headshake on the surface, we finally got an idea of the size of the black marlin. WOW. A potential NZ record. Pressure's on!!
Daniel was a champ on the 24kg tackle, working it, following advice and fought hard during the night.
6 hours into the fight, we realised that we were circling the marlin. It was on the bottom, no movement. Was it dead? It had to be, which was not exactly what we were hoping for as those animals deserve to live. Regardless, we had to get the record black marlin on board. A quick phone call to Bonze gave us heads up what to do: we grapped the Saltiga and set it up with triple hook and hapuka sinker, connecting the rig to Daniel’s line for it to slide down to the marlin. From there we had to miraculously jag the black marlin and hoist it up….
As the sinker hit the bottom, we realised the marlin wasn’t dead at all. Oh no. We woke it up, and it certainly didn’t like that!
We got the second line out of the water as fast as possible, so Daniel could continue the power struggle.
8 hours in the fight, the skiing boat ran out of fuel. With no anchor on board, we had to tow it, so Daniel's mate didn't drift off to sea.
This proved to be fatal.
The movement on the surface agitated the black marlin, and it turned & raced off at top speed. Snap! The tow rope ended an epic 8hrs fight.

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