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Big Angry Fish Style Mazda BT50

Meet our new Big Angry Fish Mazda BT50 here, or visit the bea-ute at John Andrew Mazda showroom in Auckland.

With a 3.5tonnes boat, we were requiring tow vehicles that could take the load, -not only the boat but all the gear, food and fuel, too.

Paul from John Andrew Mazda made contact with us after hearing about our issues. He had the perfect ute for us with the new Mazda BT50 fitted with a 5 cylinder 3.2L turbo diesel engine and a 6 speed automatic transmission. As the BT50 has a tow rating of 3500kg with a braked trailer, it fitted our requirements down to a T.

We knew we would put the utes through their paces as we are always climbing in and out of the truck either up on the farm or on the beach, so we did away with all carpet, left the floors plastic lined and with deep rubber trays. Next, the seat covers: these had to be hard wearing and we had just the product for the job. Over the last 4 years we have had all our seats covered with Black Duck seat covers not only do they stay clean but they look just as good 2 years down the track.

No ute would be complete without a big set of tires and rims to set you apart, so we were sent to the tire department at John Andrew’s Mazda work shop. Here we meet Blake and outlined our issues: we wanted something for launching off sandy beaches with the boats, go into some pretty rugged terrain, but also needed to be great on the open road due to the Km’s we do and quite for the filming of Big Angry Fish. Blake came up with Advanti Racing rims with Nitto Terra Grappler tires and then suggested Nitrogen filled instead of air, due to the towing. Great call Blake.

After the hard stuff was sorted, the finishing touches were applied to make the Big Angry Fish BT50’s look great. Rear trays, front stone guards, side steps and chrome bars on the back to finish them off.

Since then both utes have gone in for their first 10,000km’s services. Nathan has been up and down the country, and I have been using the time wisely to take the truck up on the farm and see what she is capable of in the rough stuff.

Both Nathan and I are pretty impressed with the drive quality and the fantastic towing capacity the trucks provide. They sound great when you start them up and have heaps of torque when required, cheap to run and look great and the best thing is that it is still a pleasure to drive even when fully loaded up.

John Andrew Mazda have just completed a truck to the same specs as we have. Visit the showroom in Auckland (2 Great North Road, Grey Lynn) to have a look at the bea-ute. The Big Angry Fish utes have been fitted out for the driver who rates practicality higher than showy comfort. The comfort ones with leather seats and flush carpet look great but we just know it’s not really going to do the distance and we will just cover it in mud in 2 seconds flat. 

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