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Balex ABL 2500

Once you have used the Balex ABL 2500 unit you won't go back. It unloads and loads your vessel, simply with the push of a button.

Balex ABL 2500 is an automative boat loader that unloads and loads your vessel, simply with the push of a button.

Over the past year, we have been testing this intricate piece of roller/lifter system fitted onto our trailer, and it truly has blown us away. Once you have used the ABL unit you won't go back.

It gave me the ability to launch and retrieve our 7.5m 3 tons boat all by myself while having full control through the entire process. Being the person responsible for everyone on board and not having to involve people unfamiliar with the launching and retrieving process was remarkable. It takes all the stress out of something that used to be the hardest bit of going out and having an enjoyable day on the water.

Until you try it you won’t understand how phenomenal the new ABL 2500 unit really is. Watch our Big Angry Fish Season 5 to see in in action.

Milan Radonich

For more information, check an overview here or go straight to their website: balexmarine.com

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#2 Big Angry Fish 2016-12-12 10:09
Hi Robert. Please check more info on the Balex unit here: http://bigangryfish.tv/explore/products-on-tv/item/100221-automatic-boat-loader
You'll find a contact number to Balex too, and they should be able to tell you where/how & how much. Cheers :)
#1 robert sicklen 2016-12-11 13:25
Hi just wanting a price on Balex ABL2500 please

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