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10mins fishing trip

The 1m+ swell was greeting Milan and Grant from Viking Kayaks, adding a challenge to their day out.

Fishing trips never quite go to plan: Grant from Viking Kayaks had been pretty busy and trying to get him out for a fish had been pretty challenging, but finally all the stars aligned and we organised a day.

I really enjoy catching kingfish, but it's just as good putting other people onto kings, especially someone like Grant that believe in Big Angry Fish.

So, I loaded the boat, organised to meet in the Coromandel. Both Grant and I did the 3 hrs drive, got on the water, and there, awaiting us, was a good meter to meter and a half swell!

Now, I'm a sheltered water fishermen due to getting seasick, and that moment when you realize you left your seasick drugs at home, well it's not priceless, it's just sh##.

We managed to catch a mackerel then Grant hooked up to a solid king, and as he got it in the boat, my stomach was gone. There was just nothing to do about it. I was sick as, and I had to let Grant know that this was it, we had to head back in.

3 hrs drive, 10 mins fish, and a long 3 hrs drive home.

Nothing quite beats a good stuff up. The one thing we always say when going fishing is "Bring Everything", and I think this is one thing I will remember for a long time to come...

Thanks for the 10 mins fish, Grant, and I promise next time it will be a whole day!


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