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Fishing How-To

If you're targeting trophy fish in shallow water, you've come to the right spot to find valuable information on how to get a successful day on the water.

[video] Tailing Snapper on the Flats

This is the most magic scenario: tailing snapper on a glassy day followed by massive pressure waves aiming for the fly.

[video] Outback Cod

Lubin is off on an outback adventure to a remote stretch of the Murray River.

[video] Carp on Fly

Carp on fly is not everyone's cup of tea but Lubin shows why it should be and how to do it.

[video] Nomad Coral Sea Experience

Here, everything is wild. It is just you, your mates and the skipper, nothing else except tons of fish and miles of the most insane looking coral reef.

[video] Sluggo upgrade with BKK hooks

Lubin has found a way to upgrade the Sluggo for it to get strong enough for the big and angry ones.

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What makes Skutes so efficient? Why did Nathan end up the shed with lots of bling and feathers? Read about it here.

One Ocean - One Responsibility

We love fishing and know that there's only one way to keep the fisheries of today as good as, and ideally even better, for the future anglers.

Skute Combo

Nathan's favourite style of fishing involves only one rod & reel combo. Read all about it here.

Livebait Combo

When Nathan is swimming big live baits then it's on his strongest gear. 

Stickbait Combo

Never leave the ramp without a few pre-rigged combos in the rocket launcher, most importantly the stickbait set up.

[video] Chasing the Monster

Milan is chasing the lonesome Monster of the cold waters, searching for ways to lure it in and onto the hook. Watch the video!

[video] Hello Season 6!

First glimpses of what the new Season 6 will entail.

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[video] Know The Rules

Sri Lanka, Ahoy!... Know what you're doing when you're out on the water, and get home safe.

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[video] Check Your Gear

You never know what might happen out at sea... Check You Gear and avoid any nagging thoughts that something might not be up to scratch.

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[video] Prep Your Boat

There's a moth in the prop... Prep Your Boat before heading out first time of the season.

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[video] Live baiting with balloons

One question we receive a lot is “How to rig a live bait for kingfish?” 

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Yellow Eyed Mullet - Herring

It's the last live bait I would stick on my hook, but Nathan has had great success with it on kingfish. Maybe it's just a matter of an open mind?

Grey Mullet

Mullet live forever in a live bait tank, they are strong swimmers and I have never seen a kingfish turn down a mullet live bait.

[video] Bridle rigging for deep water

One question we receive a lot is “How to rig a livebait for kingfish?”

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[video] Bridle-rigging Bait for Trolling

One question we receive a lot is “How to rig a livebait for kingfish?”

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Balex ABL 2500

Once you have used the Balex ABL 2500 unit you won't go back. It unloads and loads your vessel, simply with the push of a button.

[Video] Catch the fish not the birds

The seabirds are nature’s fishfinders and a great help to locate the work ups when out fishing, but the numbers are dropping.

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Yellowtail Horse Mackerel

Yellowtail horse mackerel are pretty much everywhere, and that is one reason they are such a great live bait for kingfish.

The Fishes of New Zealand

If you have the slightest interest in what is hiding under the surface of the New Zealand ocean, lakes and rivers, this is the book for you.


Kahawai is by far our favourite bait for kingfish. With a big rigged kahawai swimming around, the kingfish won’t be too far behind.

Yellowtail Kingfish

Out of all the fish Milan has chased around the world the Yellowtail Kingfish draws him back for more.

Winter Kings from Kayak

The shallow water winter kingfish are very spooky, but there's a simple trick to fool them...

Bonze, Big Angry Fish and Kaizen Lures

Bonze once asked if we would help develop a lure for catching kingfish. He knew we’d say yes, and short after the first prototype showed up.

Glenn's New PB

Glenn from Brave Designs had a dream to catch a BIG kingfish. With a PB of 18kg, we decided to give it a try to find him something bigger.

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How To Use a Drift Chute

Without our big drift chute, we wouldn't have caught half the fish. Learn how to use the drift chute for some super efficient fishing.

10mins fishing trip

The 1m+ swell was greeting Milan and Grant from Viking Kayaks, adding a challenge to their day out.

The Sleek Blue Shark

Josh Cochrane, our UW cam guy, has caught some incredible images this year. Join him and a mate as they encountered a group of blue sharks.

Mazda BT50 - 50,000kms later

We spent a lot of time working out our requirements for the new ute. 50,000kms down the track, it seems we did well!

Mackerel Haven

The midwinter mackerel have turned up in big numbers with the predator fish following close behind.

13yo on a Massive Shark

Dillon's one true wish was to go fishing with Big Angry Fish! Make-A-Wish NZ got hold of us, and plans were made.

Kingfish Rigging One-on-One

Nathan has spent hours on testing knots, rigs and gear to perfect the set up to avoid the feared kingfish bust off. Read how to do it.

[video] Nathan & A Big King

A record size kingfish is pulled from the depths, while the defeated Team Hawky Ding-Dong watch the action in disbelief.

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The Yellow Torpedoes

Is "catching kingfish in water so shallow I don’t get my shorts wet" on your wish list? Read on as Milan walks you through a game plan.

This Amazing Place

In one day, we were greeted by orcas, a whale (but which species??) and a pod of dolphins, the photos say it all!

The Catfish of Guam

When big catfish are involved, every rumour has to be checked out, no matter how unusual they sound.

[video] Solo Marlin & Rigging with Bonze

Watch the videos about Bonze, the Kiwi legend behind Bonze Lures: Solo Marlin Fishing and How to Rig for Marlin Fishing.

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[video] Grander on 24kg standup tackle

With two professional fishing guides on board, Daniel had all support needed -and a massive black marlin at the other end of the line...

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The Mighty Murray Cod

It was Milan’s third day of casting without even a take, when a dinosaur suddenly ripped him out of his casting trance.

The Trick to Lasting Batteries

Flat batteries can make a painful end to a nice day on the water. Learn how to avoid perfectly good batteries suddenly dying on you.

FlyGuy's Tarpon Expedition

My fellow angler looked in the water: Look, a dolphin! Our guide corrected him and told us that it was a 200lbs tarpon!

Palau Islands - The Place Time Forgot

The fishing along the Northern Reef of Palau is very cool, and very hard... Targeting GTs and snapper species in vivid colours.

Big Angry Fish Style Mazda BT50

Meet our new Big Angry Fish Mazda BT50 here, or visit the bea-ute at John Andrew Mazda showroom in Auckland.

Trophy Kingfish on Fly - The Take & Fight

I see it in the fly anglers’ eyes. It’s nerve wrecking, it’s an adrenalin rush; you get to battle something as strong as or stronger than yourself. 

Trophy Kingfish on Fly - The Spring Menu

Dipping a fly into the mayhem of 10-20 monster kingfish crashing into the boat to get the noisy popper is a moment of fear and joy. 

The Release Clip

A simple but crucial tool when rigging up to live bait for kingfish: the release clip. 

Red Plate Pilchards

The Red Plate Pilchards last a lot longer on the hook and the fish love to eat them. 

[video] The Alive Rig

The "Alive Rig" allows you to fish you bait down the entire length of the water column, not just sending it plummeting to the ocean floor. 

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Nathan Fly Fishing for Snapper

Hunting around in the shallows looking for fish to cast to is by far the most challenging form of fishing that i've ever done! 

Visiting Dolphins

It doesn't matter how many times I see them. Each & every time dolphins show up, the day spent on the water is just that little bit better.

FlyGuy’s Beginners Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing

“It must be the hardest way to catch a fish?!” Yes, but it’s also the best challenge, the most visual and just so much fun.

Fishing the Flats

If you want to target kingfish, snapper or trevally up in the shallows, here’s Milan’s tips on how to get started.

Hooked on Kayak Fishing and a 25kg Kingfish

My heart started pounding, my hands started to shake, and my voice went into a higher register. "Milan, I'm hit, I'm hit, I'm hit!”.

[video] FG Knot - Braid to Leader

The FG knot is suitable when stickbaiting, softbaiting, even marlin fishing -just any situation when tying braid to leader.

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The Rights and Wrongs of Fishing

Milan has spent hours on finding the best way to live-bait for kingfish. Read about his styles and techniques used over the last 5 years.

[video] Improved Clinch Knot - Mono

The improved clinch knot for mono is the choice when connecting mono to pretty much anything! Stickbaits, jigs or straight to your hook.

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[video] Uni Knot - The best knot to know

Nathan walks you through how to tie the uni knot and the importance of testing your fishing knots to get max performance out of your gear. 

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Big Bait - Big Fish

Milan is going shallow water fishing with the new approach: big bait - big fish.

Shark Fishing

There is nothing better than hooking 200 kilos of bronze whaler in only meters of water and watching it barrel roll up the harbour with your Saltiga evaporating line!

Hooked up to a shed!

If you want to land big angry fish, you have to get the best performance from your gear! Read Nathan's tips on How to get it right.

Softbait Discussions

Nathan and Milan have each their take of soft baiting. From technique of choice to sitting on the fence...

Kayak - the new weapon

Kayak fishing has always sounded like hard work to me, not really believing that you could get a good day's fishing out of it. Has that changed!

Black Marlin by Accident

Daniel was targeting kingfish as something big gulped his live kahawai. His 24kg stand up tackle suitable for a kingfish would soon be put to its hardest test ever!

Mako Sharks

The mako sharks are super feisty and fascinating which makes you think twice when winding up the drags on a 200-kilo fish…

The art of fighting big angry fish

Uncle Nathan was all out of excuses why nephew Tyler couldn't catch a kingfish. Shortly after, it was a blur of yellow braid leaving the reel in free spool...

[video] Improved Clinch Knot - Braid

When connecting braid to a swivel, this knot, if given the time to be tied right!, is as strong as the line weight. 

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[Video] Trevally - Silver Bullets

It’s strong and has a reputation for being an ugly fighter. Read about how to set yourself up for success when battling the trevally.

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It’s all in the presentation

Learn how to present the bait to the shy winter kingfish and get the reward!

Pure Purple - The Thresher Shark

The thresher sharks put up massive bursts of speed and breach when hooked, which makes them an amazing sport fish.


You can’t beat a day out lure fishing. There’s something great about casting lures around, waiting for a fish to come to the surface and smash the living snout out of your artificial bait.

Fishing with Berley

Learn how to improve your hook-up rate by working your berley effectively instead of just dumping the smelly stuff overboard.

Berley and Wobbly Pots

Fishing with berley can easily turn into a messy job. By using wobbly pots, you gain full control over your berley bomb.

Summer Fishing

The summer sun is warming up the chilly waters around New Zealand's coastline, bringing them alive with fish. The happy season is here!

Winter Fishing

Winter has truly set in. The fish are feeding less and less, and they are getting very picky about what they will eat and proving a real challenge to sink a hook into.

[video] Knots - Braid

Braid is the best choice when it comes to livebaiting and casting.

Drift Fishing

Drift fishing a harbour entrance during the incoming and outgoing tides usually takes a couple of times to sort out.

[video] Knots - Mono

The stretchy mono allows some strong knots but the thick quality demands extra attention when selecting which knot to use.

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