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Fishing How-To

If you're targeting trophy fish in shallow water, you've come to the right spot to find valuable information on how to get a successful day on the water.

Nomad Sportfishing Coral Sea Experience

Here, everything is wild. It is just you, your mates and the skipper, nothing else except tons of fish and miles of the most insane looking coral reef.

[video] Sluggo upgrade with BKK hooks

Lubin has found a way to upgrade the Sluggo for it to get strong enough for the big and angry ones.

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What makes Skutes so efficient? Why did Nathan end up the shed with lots of bling and feathers? Read about it here.

Skute Combo

Nathan's favourite style of fishing involves only one rod & reel combo. Read all about it here.

Livebait Combo

When Nathan is swimming big live baits then it's on his strongest gear. 

Stickbait Combo

Never leave the ramp without a few pre-rigged combos in the rocket launcher, most importantly the stickbait set up.

Chasing the Monster

Milan is chasing the lonesome Monster of the cold waters, searching for ways to lure it in and onto the hook. Watch the video!

[video] Hello Season 6!

First glimpses of what the new Season 6 will entail.

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[video] Know The Rules

Sri Lanka, Ahoy!... Know what you're doing when you're out on the water, and get home safe.

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[video] Check Your Gear

You never know what might happen out at sea... Check You Gear and avoid any nagging thoughts that something might not be up to scratch.

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[video] Prep Your Boat

There's a moth in the prop... Prep Your Boat before heading out first time of the season.

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[video] Live baiting with balloons

One question we receive a lot is “How to rig a live bait for kingfish?” 

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